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noone told me

Noone told me it was okay. It was okay to have hair on your arms, the other girls shave theirs but you dont need to. Or on your face or your legs or under your arms or on your vagina. They did not tell me it was okay to want to kiss everyone or to touch myself or to fantasize about my favorite spice girl or to wear guys boxers or the walk around without a bra even though people can see my nipples or to speak up when I have something to say. Noone told me it was okay if your vagina has a smell, they all do, or if you sweat when youre nervous or if your teeth are misaligned. Actually, as an adult I receive compliments oddly enough for my crooked teeth and vampire like canines. Noone told me it was okay to not hide my body, to maintain eye contact with strangers, to walk around my house naked or lay in bed when I feel like it or tell my friends I don’t feel like hanging out because I just don’t want to. Noone told me it was okay to want to have sex in cars or look at pornography or kiss a girl in public. Noone told me it was okay not to believe in god or to eat cookies for breakfast if I wanted or not answer the phone even if I’m available or to look at your own body in the mirror or to have cellulite and stretch marks and scars and to not apologize for disagreeing with someone. Noone told me it was alright to like girls who dress like boys and boys who wear makeup. Noone told me I could pleasure a woman as well as any man could. Noone told me it was okay to do what it is I want to do even if that isn’t what other people want. Noone told me it was okay to say no, to shout, to curse, to demand. Noone told me it was okay to cry in your car or on the train or to take walks alone in the dark or to change your mind or to stop loving someone you once loved or to admit that you deserve better or to not have sex with someone just because they are nice. 

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A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ.

You don’t have to save me. Just hold my hand while I save myself.


i want to go on cute dates like lay in the grass and talk for hours, walk barefoot through the forest, look for pretty flowers, sit in a tree and laugh until it hurts

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